Our Extended Services

At Postwink, we want you to set up a successful recycling initiative, one that actually works over the long-term. We want to make your recycling easy. We want to provide you with recycling bins and other resources that will encourage separation at source and help promote a recycling culture in South Africa, but also beyond our borders. To best ensure success for your recycling project (whether at the office or within your community), we would like to extend our services to you with the following:

Renting of Recycle Bins

Do you want to green your event or function? We have a limited number of 1-waste and 3-waste EcoCylinder 100Lt Recycle Bins that can be rented on a short-term basis. We can also rent these out on a long-term contract. Contact us on info@postwink.co.za for more information in this regard.

Having the Recycling Bins emptied

Postwink does not collect your recycling. However, we will put our clients in touch with reputable companies that will do the best job for YOU (as there is not one easy waste management solution for all) and help you get the best recycling proposals. We also have a list of Recycling Collectors on this website. To find a drop off site near you, visit http://mywaste.co.za.

Environmental Awareness and Training

To ensure that Postwink recycling bins are used effectively by your employees, your cleaning staff and/or your scholars, we will provide you with relevant training that will suit your needs and budget.

Postwink Member’s Portal

We will soon be launching our Members-Only portal - which will have invaluable information to set you up for success - including access to advice, tender assistance, training material and PR resources.

Motivational posters

Posters can help motivate & educate your staff about recycling. We have a choice of 3 different posters for you.

Poster employement low res
Poster Landfill Lowres
Poster or Pamphlet