Postwink INOX Range: Stainless Steel Recycling Units

Our range of Stainless steel Recycling Units (the INOX range) has proved very successful in offices, hotels, convention centres and shopping centres, due to its sophisticated look and design. View below photos and/or our Photo Gallery for our various designs available, which can all be made in 2,3 or 4 compartments.and in 4 different designs: Standard (with holes on top), with Flaps, Peaked or Slanted.

Kindly note that although you can use these units for outdoor (once you have ordered them in grade #304), we do not recommend for them to be in direct sunlight or used outside in extreme weather conditions.

*For Prices and more information, Contact us or Download our Brochure*

We recommend cleaning our Stainless Steel recycling units using the BACTERRORIST or another “soft” detergent suitable for stainless steel.

Flat-top 3-compartment recycling unit
Hole-top 3-compartment recycling unit

Brochure for Office & Corporate Recycling.pdf
Brochure for Recycling Outdoor, Malls & Public Spaces.pdf
Brochure for Recycling at Hotels & Guest Houses.pdf