Recycling Labels

Our Recycling Labels fit the new 240L wheelie bins and and can be made larger for the sides of larger recycling bins, like the Ecocylinder or Colour-Top Bin. A smaller version of these is also done for the 140Lt wheelie bins.

The recycling colours used are the “most used” recycling colours, and are used widely in Germany, one of the recycling champions in Europe. Hence, we encourage all new recycling initiative to please adhere to these colours in order to create more effective communication campaigns and reduce confusion.

As above, our recycling colours are as follows:
- Blue for Paper
- Green for Glass
- Yellow for Plastics
- Silver (light grey) or Red for Cans, Tins and other Ferrous Metals
- Brown for compostable waste and food waste
- Red for Hazardous waste
- Charcoal or Black for General, non-recyclable waste

Kindly note that our Recycling Labels come standard with an icon and a waste name, but not with your corporate logo. We can add your corporate logo for a small minimal charge.

*For Prices and more information, please download our Brochure*

Brochure for Schools & Colleges.pdf

Brochure for Office & Corporate Recycling.pdf
Brochure for Recycling Outdoor, Malls & Public Spaces.pdf
Brochure for Recycling at Hotels & Guest Houses.pdf