Custom-Made “Leather Touch” MAXI & MEDI Recycling Bins

Made of recycled and recyclable black ABS (polystyrene) plastic (these are NOT made of leather!), these custom-made recycling bins are scratch-resistant and are ideally-suited for corporate offices or public spaces. These are printed with the recycling waste name information, and can be branded with your corporate logo at no additional cost. These come in 1, 2 or 3-compartments and in two sizes: the MEDI and the MAXI sizes. Additional battery collectors can also be added.

The Maxi 1-Compartment Unit also now comes with a lockable option, so you can use these for Confidential Paper (with a slot opening) or a Clothing Bank (with a square opening).

*For Prices and more information, Contact us or Download our Brochure*

We recommend cleaning our leather-touch custom units using the BACTERRORIST or another “soft” detergent, to protect the printing on the units.

3-compt leather-touch for Getaway's Keen2bGreen campaign
1-compt leather-touch for bulbs
Small Under-Desk Recycle Bin

Brochure for Office & Corporate Recycling.pdf
Brochure for Recycling Outdoor, Malls & Public Spaces.pdf

Kindly note that the MAXI dimensions changed from 1 September 2016 -hence please be aware in case you have ordered in the past.