The Sesame Sensor-touchless recycle bin is both ideal in office and home kitchens alike. Made from quality #430 stainless steel, the Sesame™ is fingerprint resistant and has infrared motion sensor technology that makes dealing with waste cleaner and easier. The lid automatically opens when an object moves within 25cm from the sensor, allowing you to place the recycling & general waste directly into the bin without touching the lid. The lid then closes within 3 seconds of your hand moving away from the lid. This 70 Litre recycling bin locks in odours and eliminates cross-contamination of germs with its 2 compartments and allows for the separation of waste and recyclable products at the source.

The Sesame™ recycle bins allow for households to place their different recycling products in one place. However, we encourage for all recyclables to be fairly clean and uncontaminated before being placed in the bin.

*2 divisions, with built-in bag holder (hidden when closed)
*Quality Material: #430 Stainless Steel ; Capacity: 70 Litres
*Outer Dimensions: 540 x 330 x 670mm H with 920mm height when lid open
*Lid can open manually with the open/close buttons, should you prefer not to use the sensor technology.
*1 Year Warranty

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SESAME - Sensor-touchless bin, open

Fit the standard recycling bags (excluded) and rechargeable batteries (excluded) - both can be purchase from Postwink together with the Sesame bin.

SESAME looks stylish in any kitchen.