Igloo Bin (with doors)

Postwink’s Recycling Igloo was made specifically for the South African recycling environment. This igloo recycling bin neatly collects any kind of bulk recyclable waste and is ideal for school grounds, corporate parking lots, forecourts and business & shopping centres, among others.

You are able to throw your recyclable into one of the three openings and these recyclables are directed into either a 1-ton capacity bulk bag or 3 separate 210 litre drums (available separately). Importantly, these recycling igloos can be emptied by all recycling collectors, as it only requires manual handling to empty, by either using the top or the front openings.

In order to ensure that your igloo has a bulk bag liner at all times, we recommend that two bulk bags be ordered per igloo (one inside the Igloo collecting the recycling, and the spare one with your collector).

Furthermore, based on our experience, Recycling Igloos are normally placed in areas with high traffic and hence we strongly recommend that these containers be maintained annually, to ensure that they stay looking new. Please ask us for a quotation to maintain your Recycling Igloos annually.

The Recycling Igloo is a Registered design: Reg no.F2011/00148

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Postwink Recycling Igloos at Engen forecourts (a Woolworths, Enegen & Nampak initiative)
Open recycling Igloo with bulk bag inside

Brochure for Recycling Outdoor, Malls & Public Spaces.pdf