100Lt EcoCylinder Recycle bin - Meet our Bestseller!

Our 100 litre EcoCylinder recycle bins are very robust and are manufactured locally. These recycling bins have a removable lid with a round throw-in hole. The top of each lid is colour-coded with a durable vinyl, which also states the waste type that it is intended for. These can be used as a “single waste” bin, or can be partitioned into 2 or 3 sections by means of sturdy inside plastic “sleeves”. This ensures that only one bin is used to collect more than one waste type. The 2- and 3-compartment options also have rope handles for easy lifting.

  • Outer dimensions: 485mm diameter x 660mm height
  • for Cape Town Clients: We have 1-waste and 3-waste EcoCylinders available for daily rentals, to green functions or events.

For prices and more information, Contact us or Download our Brochure. You can also shop for these online here: http://shoppostwink.co.za*

1-waste Ecocylinder

These have been used at the CTICC since 2009.

3-waste EcoCylinder (open)

Brochure for Office & Corporate Recycling.pdf
Brochure for Recycling Outdoor, Malls & Public Spaces.pdf