Our Solutions for your Confidential Paper

Mild Steel option

Made of powder-coated mild steel, this bin for confidential paper is ideal for the office environment. The bin includes an inner bin which is fully lockable, and has handles.

  • Dimensions: 650 x 345 x 800mm High
  • Colour available: White or Black. The word “confidential” can be done in a variety of colours.

Leather-Touch option

Our Leather-Touch Recycling Bins MAXI 1-Compartment now comes with a lockable system and a slot opening for your confidential paper.

-Dimensions: 400 x 360 x 800mm High
-Colour available: Black, with our Paper icon and “Confidential Paper”, printed on the front, either in white or blue.

Wheelie bin Option

We have converted a 140L wheelie bin into a confidential bin, by cutting-out a slot, fitting a locking mechanism (excluding the padlock) and a quality “Paper” label - so your large volumes of confidential paper have a place to go to.

Confidential Wheelie bin

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MildSteel Confidential Paper Bin in white
Leather-Touch Confidential Bin

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