EarthProbiotic Composting Solutions

Invented by the Japanese Professor Teruo Higa from the University of the RyuKyus in Okinawa, Bokashi composting breaks down organic waste through anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) fermentation instead of regular aerobic decomposition. You simply deposit your food waste into the bin and for each layer you add a sprinkle of the earth bokashi bran. The bran contains micro-organisms that rapidly break down the food waste through fermentation. The liquid produced can be tapped off throughout this process and used to fertilize your plants or poured down the drain to clean your drainage system and prevent blockages.

Once your Bokashi bin is full, set it aside to ferment for an additional 2 weeks, after which it will be ready bury in your garden or add to your pot plants. If you don’t have either of these available, donate it to a friend or family member who has a garden! The bokashi will improve soil health and nutrients, enabling your plants to thrive.

Postwink is selling EarthProbiotic’s range of composting products, including the Bokashi bran (in various containers or bags, depending on volumes required) and the 25L recycle bin (which comes with a tap and strainer).

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Furthermore, Postwink is the Western Cape Distributor for EarthProbiotic’s on-site in-vessel composting solutions - contact for more information on this.