We are currently busy re-designing this Portal, and therefore it is currently unavailable until further notice.

Postwink Clients are entitled to join our Member-Only Recycling Portal Here:*

What can you expect from accessing this portal?

*Detailed plan and stages to follow to set up effective recycling projects, that carry on working long-term.

*Access a list of companies who accept the various recyclables, as well as a detailed directory of waste management companies and collectors.

*Download a detailed list of what is recyclable and not recyclable, in different languages, including Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.

*Download our A5 pamphlets directly from the site, to motivate or remind staff about recycling.

*Have clear steps on how to communicate your project, write-up a press release or draw up a tender which include recycling requirements.

*Access to all the legal acts and by-laws relating to the waste industry in South Africa.

*Access to our Directory of expert consultants, environmentally-conscious products, services and charities.

*Download training presentations to aid in training your staff on why we recycle and how to do it.

Here is a brochure with some screenshots of what you can expect: ReduceReuseRecycle Postwink Portal Brochure

To enquire about how to become a member, email us or go to Note that only Postwink clients can become members - so place your order with us today!

T&Cs do apply.