the BACTERRORIST™ - the Non Toxic All Purpose Cleaner - War on dirt, not the Environment

At Postwink, we love the idea of your company being truly environmentally-conscious. This is why we promote all things which are planet-friendly - but which also works efficiently.

So since you are already doing your bit by recycling, why not clean your recycling bins and wheelie bins the planet-friendly way? The way nature intended? Postwink is happy to announce that we are now distributing an enzyme cleaner which is soft on your stainless steel, vinyls and branded recycling bins; and yet it is efficient in removing dirt and organic waste - for good.

This amazing new product is called the BACTERRORIST.
Sounds dangerous? It is for dirt, but not for the environment as it cleans the way nature intended using enzyme cleaning technology.

Read here to learn about enzyme cleaning:

How to order?
- email us at
- Order directly from
- You can also order from Wellness Warehouse - whether at a store near you, or online.


My team are loving the product – thank you and all the silver rails, interior of the lift etc were cleaned on Saturday using this product.” - Robyn, from the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town

“One of the best products I’ve used!! The smell is also sublime.” - Bernie (via Postwink’s Facebook page)